Web Application

Service Layer

UI/UX Designer

What is Service Layer?

Service layer is a dashboard style web application which serves as a layer between content creators and a CMS. The layer is customized to the need of the specific content creator, empowering them to focus on content and not the technical challenges posed by the CMS.

Tools: Brackets and VS Code (IDE), GitHub, Dashboard UI Kit, Visual Studio Dev Ops, Microsoft Teams (onsite team).

My Role: Usability Testing, Stakeholder Interviews, Data Science Partnership, Screen Flows, Visual Design *, Interaction Design *, Front-End Development *.


Problem: How might we enable content creators to produce content within a CMS?

Solution: We can't! The CMS is fixed and unable to be adapted to meet the needs of the content creators. So we built a layer between the the creator and CMS and tailored it to their specific needs.

Understanding Your Customer

The initial challenge was to train content creators to use the CMS. What we learned was the content creators couldn't excel using the CMS. So we built a tool for them.

Note: for expedience, we used a pre-made dashboard framework. I adapted the framework to the need of the content teams.

Case study details coming soon.

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