Radio App

UI/UX Designer

What is the K-LOVE Radio app?

The K-LOVE Radio app is a radio centric music streaming service with additional daily content.

Tools: Pen & paper, Sketch, Flinto, InVision, Microsoft Teams (onsite team).

My Role: User Research, User Interviews, Wireframing, Screen Flows, Visual Design, Information Architecture, Interaction Design.


Problem: New content can't be added to the current app via the UI being fixed and unable to adapt for new content.

Solution: Redesigned to be content flexible with simpler navigation and re-architect ineffective views.

Process: Identified blockers for implementing new business goals

Challenge 01-A

How can we apply new business goals and objectives to the current app?

Solution: Documented existing features and new business goals. Created a new information architecture and workflow for app.

Challenge 01-B

It became clear that the new business features and content goals could not be added to the app in its current state partially due to the app being created by an outside vendor using a different development stack than our in house team. A decision was made to rebuild the app to accommodate the new features and take ownership of the codebase.

An MVP approach was taken and some features were deprecated and others re‑prioritized.


Began with rough sketches.


Moved into wireframes

Dark Mode

Thanks for digging into the new K‑LOVE Radio App!

You can download the K‑LOVE Radio app now in the Apple AppStore and Google Play Store.

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