Donor Cloud

UI/UX Designer

What is Donor Cloud?

Donor Cloud is a donation web application created to assist donors with recording financial donations to a non-profit organization.

Tools: Brackets and VS Code (IDE), Bootstrap, GitHub, Whiteboard and Sticky-notes, Visual Studio Dev Ops, Microsoft Teams (onsite team).

My Role: User Research, User Interviews, Data Science Partnership, Wireframing, Screen Flows, Visual Design, Interaction Design, Front-End Development


Problem: How might we improve the 8% conversion rate when customer lands on our donation form.

Solution: Remove the barriers between the customer and the form. Reduce data points required to complete form. Rearrange the order of data-points. Add little helpful details like appropriate keyboard on mobile.

Process: Identify Problematic Areas

Disjointed views, unclear buttons and too many data-points

Barrier 01

Customers wanted to donate to the organization, but became confused by a marketing page before donation could begin. Only two buttons were available to customers, “continue as guest” and “create account or login” which led to confusion.

Solution: Remove the page! This page followed the "Give Now" button, meaning customers already intended to donate and the marketing page introduced an opportunity for confusion and bounce.

Barrier 02

Some customers Googled "donate to Air1" which landed them on step 2 of a 3 step form, creating confusion on how to proceed. This was also the destination for "continue as guest" via the marketing page.

Solution: Consolidate the 3-step flow into a single consistent page regardless of the path the customer took to arrive (Google, Direct link, etc)

Barrier 03

Too many data-points. The original form had 20 data points required in order to complete your donation.

Solution: Get rid of the clutter. I met with the stakeholders to see which data points we could scrub from form and what could be consolidated.


Snap of a whiteboard session mapping out workflows and rough layouts.

Final Design

Testing the original form/flow against the new form showed an increase conversion rate of 143%. It may look simple, but that's a good thing!

Thanks for taking a deeper look at Donor Cloud!

Designed & Developed by Ryan Houk