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Product Designer

Hello, there!

Every designer is passionate about engaging experiences and empathy, it’s our job! I’m equally passionate about team chemistry and building on each other’s ideas. My best work has come out of teams where each member brings unique perspectives, passion for their craft and support for each other during both successes and failures.

We have to learn and grow! I started as a graphic designer many years ago and began learning UI design about 8 years ago and fell in love with it. As I discovered the importance of UX I began doing my best to merge UX practices into all product design attending two Cooper UX onsite bootcamps and consuming all UX blogs I could get my hands on. I just started Jake Knapp's "Design Sprint" and am looking to go deeper into Design Thinking.

I also began teaching myself front-end development and I love it! It's allowed me to communicate better with my engineers as well as give them higher quality design handoffs.

Process: Have worked on Scrum, Kanban and DevOps teams.

Skills: User Research, User Interviews, Wireframing, Screen Flows, Visual Design, Icon Design, Information Architecture, Interaction Design, Front-End Development (novice)

Primary Tools:


Software: Introduced Sketch to the organization (Photoshop was used prior) and added InVision to make design to developer handoff easier.

Development: It often became a challenge to deliver static comps to engineers, especially when I'd need to describe how interactions worked and how to adjust UI on media queries, so I taught myself HTML/SCSS and some JQuery in order to have design handoff to engineers be closer to the final product. This became the standard for my own web deliverables and the developers loved having working code in-hand for implementation.

Git: Learned to work directly on projects with the developers, creating styles and updating views, shipping live code to production.

Design System: Began the process of creating a centralized design system as a source of truth for all products to follow. Will be rolling it out in phases from Apps to Websites.

Email: When the need emerged for email design, I took on the challenge of both email design and development. Tested email compatability across email clients.

Accessibility: Am currently leading the charge to make all our digital customer facing properties WCAG compliant.

Resources: I love to create free resources for the design community. I've released a handful of assets and icons which have been downloaded over 70k times collectively from Sketch Repo, Sketch App Resources and Noun Project.

Icon Design

I love to create icons for products and resource download sites

Thanks for stopping byeeeee!

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